Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Aimae at 18!


Bon Rhyan :) said...

Aimae!!! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! wish you all the best!! :)stay humble and pretty.. and of course stay connected to God.. many more blessings to come.. and thank you for being my friend.... happy b-day amega.. :)) lab yah!!

Ate Yhenn said...

on this day, eighteen years ago, a beautiful baby girl was born. and like every baby that was brought into this world, she was hoped to have a bright future. who would've have thought that she'd grow up to welcome a brighter future than any star could ever shine, for she lives her life for the LORD...and there is no greater way to live life but for HIM...there was something about this girl that brings joy to others; maybe it's her childish ways, her big bright smile, her high-pitched noises or her overly pleasant personality. whatever the reason was, i am sure, she was brought into this world by OUR FATHER to touch other people's lives with never ending joy. i am so blessed to have known this girl. and today, i want her to know that i love her and that she's a blessing to me and to the rest of the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMAE!!! may THE GOOD LORD reward you with what you deserve...GOD bless...<3

Jay Mark (PIPOY) said...

heaven is celebrating ur bday... Stay faithful and happy as u fullfill ur missions and dreams in life, I offer you my support.. Happy BIRTHDAY AimZ!..(asa ang pakals, mang Inasal na pud? ) ;D

masoy said...

Aimae, Happy Birthday!! Thank you for being a friend and a sister for us. Continue to be a blessing to others. I love you amegz.. :) Enjoy your day!

masoy said...

Aimae, Happy Birthday!! Thank you for being a friend and a sister for us. Continue to be a blessing to others. I love you amegz.. :) Enjoy your day!

Gerelle said...

Àimae!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks you so much for being a great friend to me. Char lang.. Haha! Bitaw uyh, even if it's our 2nd sem nga nagka classmate ta, pro murag it has been a long time nga friends ta. T.T I wish you to have more bdays to come and to have more blessings from our only one creator--our GOD. Stay humble and stay as beautiful as you are. God bless you Aimae!! :D

Caye Matuguinas said...

Aimaeyeyyyyyyyy! Happy 18th Birthday my friend! I wish you all the best and starting tomorrow, you should be careful on your actions because anytime you will be put into jail kay legal naka! Happy Legal Day bai! Wala lang, na remember lang nako na classmate ta Grade 3 and all we do is smiling with each other tapos pag ka grade 6, we both don't know how we became close. Hahaha. Pero okay na, what's important is what we are now. I love you always Aimae and I'm looking forward to see you this sem break! :))

JM [ Gee-eem ] ^_^ said...

Aimae !!!! Amega ! Happy Birthday !!! Tsk2 ! Wala man ka ga tell oi nga Birthday diay nimo , malibre na unta akoang panihapon karon ! :DD ^_^ .. Bitaw Aims , God has given you another year to live with Him ^_^ , another year for you to serve Him by faith and works , I know deep inside and outside :DDD that you are a very GOOD Girl , a busy WOMAN now , not anymore a GIRL , stay as you are Aims , I know God has planned a Bright Future for you , Continuing Serving Him whole-heartedly , There's no question why your life is so Beautiful now , He has set it all for you ... Being 18 now means , Additional Responsibility , but being 18 also means you have accomplished and garnered ENOUGH experience to Face the Nearing REAL WORLD [ the after college thing . I know you can deal with all the hurdles and hindrances in life because you've got WHAT IT aLL TAKES ! :DD haha .. taasa na oi ..:DD Again Aims , Happy Birthday and may you have Unlimited Birthdays to come ! :DD ... and hopefully , Kaon Will be extended tomorrow ! :DDD ..just text me , I'll be there right away ! :DD sincerely yours, Gee-eem ^_^ ..haha

Kuya Eyyyymmm said...

Happy Birthday sa akong manghud na Aimae.. naks.. from a childish girl now a beautiful young lady.. hehehhe.. Manghud.. just continue sa imong service karon kay God.. you are so bless to have this 18th year as Aimae Torrefranca Surig.. you are no longer a baby.. daghan na ka atubangon na responsibilities now that you are in your legal age.. hehehe.. May our Good Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you.. Remember that He has wonderful plans in your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Just continue in placing your TRUST and FAITH in HIM alone.. God loves you so much as well as your FAMILY.. and we, your brothers and sisters in CHRIST.. Lovelots..

Josiah said...

Aaaaims! Happy Birthday! eheh, hapit ko nalimot, tnx to ate! hihi! bitaw, God Bless u more! YA family loves you! ang shoes na ang ako gift, nyahahaha! (tnx to me!) ^^, padayon sa pagtubo spiritually, ayaw na physically ky taas2 na mn ka gamay.. eheh

kuyaJix said...

happy birthday aims!! Iregards ta ka niya as a birthday present... :D God bless you, pray always, read bible always :)

wiltonvil said...

AIMAE SURIG,.,,heheg\he.,.,HAppy 18th Bday aimae.,.,tiguwang njud ka DAi.,.,.,hehheh..,btaw.,.,auau sa life permi.,,.,padayon sa pagpagamit sa ginoo para sa kaayuhan sa world.,.,heheh.,.,WE OVE YOU SO MUCH.,.always remeber this verse,.,.

Kuya CLifford said...

Happy Birthday Aimae! I pray to God to protect you and guide you. Be strong and take heart in trials and in hardship, trust in the Lord and He will light your way. He will be your shield when troubles come. Trust in the Lord my sister in Christ. I pray for more birthdays to come into your life. God bless you and keep you safe always. Wishing you more of Jesus..

Ben Ruelo said...

Imyat happy birthday.. may God continue to control of your life.. dalaga na jud ka.. 18 na ka so hinay2x lang jud ky pwede na ka ma-preso.. wahahaha bitaw..

Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing but a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised..


Happy Birthday again

kuya jay said...

happy birthday aimae.
may God continue to bless and keep you safe. just call if you need someone to talk to^^
always be cool and keep your faith soaring for many are being blessed. don't let discouragements bring you down. let them be ladders for you to step on to reach the goal of maturity. GOd breaks people not to hurt and give them agony, He allows breakings to happen so that the better one will come out. stay blessed aims. once again haaapppy haappyy birthday. enjoy life. its simple. rejoice always and pray continually^^. Godbless

jamelie :) said...

my ever dearest frenemy Ms. AIMAE SURIG. :) aw. hahaha. (kaw una mitawag naq ana :p)
debut n nyA. pwede n m.priso! ahahhaha so pag.amping sa pag.violate ug rules aim ha? xD

btaw. You r special in every way and i appreciate how you r being mold. mlingaw kai q nmu kai maskn sa imu pagka.sabaan, kblo ka magpa.hinhin knuhai. :p and lady ghapon kau, ahaha
continue to shine for Him aim and grow more in His Love. iv seen how uv grown and it inspires us to hav that longing also like a child.
i wish you all the blessings in life. happiness, good health, and in all aspects.
ug ang xagit? hahaha minimize ang volume layt! bcn madala nmu hangtud 60 years old na! kuyaw na! wahaha..
I Love You Aim! and i will always be here for you when you need me.
God bless you more! :)

ya Dex, said...

Sticky notes : gets na nimo?; )

ga Lab mi.. nakisingit lang ko.. hehehe: P

like a gi ingon ni kenmore, dont change yourself, but let God do the changing,.. sama sa cake na gina bake, there be people who come and go that mixes ingredients in you. but only God can bake and make the best cake out of you.

stay young at heart don't grow old., but grow up instead.: )

jimac said...

happy birthday ate aims.

continue to be an instrument to be use by God.
i wish you more blessings in life, good health and happiness.
Jesus Bless sa imuha.

ate jEn :) said...

aimzz! happy 18th birthday!

i have witnessed on how u grow spiritually...i cud feel d fire in ur heart in serving HIM...and i cud sense dat u really wanted 2 know mur deeper about HIM, dat u wanted 2 have mur intimate relationship wid HIM...ur so much in thirst of HIM...and i am so touched and blessed of how passionate nd dedicated u r of letting urself be used for HIS, just CONTINUE all of those things dat ive said above...indeed God has definitely sumthing in store 4 u...He has a plan 4 u! a plan dat is specially made from a FATHER to His special daughter like you!
just continue d faith aimz!
and be strong! Joshua 1.9...

and...tanx 4 everything!
ur such a sweet girl, fun to be with and so trustworthy...tanx sa tanan pagsabot! hehe...bisan kalingawan ka namu ug sungog2, hehe...

Godbless aimz! and so wid ur family!
love u so much! <3
u know, just always here 4 you! :-)
an ate 2 u...^^
ur no longer a simple sum1 in my life but a sum1 dat is so dear na! ahahahaha...

happy 18th birthday again aimae!

kuya kenneth said...

aimae anak. .this had been one of the happiest day of ur life. .yet still the LORD is the one worthy to be praise because of such an amazing woman like u are. .i am just happy seeing you right now growing up and walking in life with a relationship with Jesus Christ. .i praise and thank GOD for your life and may it be that u will allow the holy Spirit to mold and to change you continually. .be a blessing to others as u are already right now. .and keep GOD's Word in ur heart that u might not sin against Him. .i love u and i will be one of the people to take in charge of u . .whahahahha. . . God bless u and more aimaezing powers!!

Sarrah said...

aimaaaaaaaaaaaaaeee!! :) happy 18th! heheh. aims.. ahw.hehe. woman naka!! unsaon taman! bitaw..

padaun lang ug serve kang God! :) Always be thankful sa ia :) hehe. Godbless Aims! hope nag enjoy ka sa imong adlaw run.. heheh.! :) <3

ossie said...

Happy birthday! Have a BOSS of a day on your day.

Aldwin said...

miss tagum, hapee birthday!!!

Quennnie Sandra Nonesa said...


Salamat sa drinks ganina baii. (HAHA)

Stay humble,charming and an approachable friend aims. We, your friends and classmates, will be here for you every time you need help and etc (HAHA)..

Let's keep our clean little secrets ha. xD



gizmo said...

Happy Birthday Aiiimmmmaaaeeeee!!!

Hate what is evil, cling to what is good. -Romans 12:9

reytube said...
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Reylan D. Dayuha said...

Happy Happy 18th Birthday:) HAHA
May God continue to pour lots of blessings sa imuha ug sa imo family and keep you and ur family safe as always:) Aimz, Continue jud sa pagserve ky God...I've seen you growing in Him...Be still jud, bisan unsa pa mahitabo...
Wala lang ka kabalo Na bless jud ko sa imo life kung unsa ka kadasig...
stay humble as always....

God bless you aimz :)
Happy 18th Birthday utro :D

reylan ^_^

Kenmore B. Espinoza said...

..apee burtdey aimz!..haha.. every circumstance know that God is with you, whether in plenty or in need, in victories or in defeat, in joys or in sorrows..Know that you have this loving,living and lasting relationship with Him..Just focus your eyes on God and not on men..know that He will be with you in times you ever need a hand to hold on, a shoulder to cry on and a God to depend on..continue to be a blessing as you have blessed all of us by your response to His calling..know that your labor in the LORD is not in vain, all those sacrifices and tears that you have shed are worthwhile..but this is not the end of that,"daghan pa"hehehe..*_*..just be equipped through a daily fresh encounter with Him and His word....hapi burtdey once again aimaezing aimae..God bless you..

Aimae Torrefranca Surig said...

Sobra-sobra najud! wehehe.
PAULIT-ULIT najud ko nagathank you, mura nakog sirang plaka but I am deeply sincere for all of it.

Unsaon mani uit! Wala najud baya ko kbalo sakong iingon.
THANK YOU lang jud gihapon... I WILL ALWAYS BE THANKFUL to HIM for this LIFE.
I don't know exactly what you really sees in my life and was blessed by it, even me, I was amazingly captured and blessed by this life.

It's not what change my life, it is "Who" change it. This life I am living now? It was really hard, useless and ironic if it will be imagine on a human point. But I tell you (as in, bumubugang wala jud ko kabalo unsaon pg express sa feeling) SOMETHING FELT SO DIFFERENT if you really have this life. Ang joy jud is totally different, this joy never perish.

Kung isulat gud nako tanan kung unsa jud akong na feel deep inside nu? Light years pay abton, lot of web page pa ang kailangan/billions of papers pa akong kailangan, basin ganig dili gihapon masulat tanan, naa bayay scarcity. haha!

Ay ambot. bisan unsa nlang akong naingon sa pagkawalay maingon. hehehe ^____^

His love is far more than enough. ;) SUPER HUUUG! >:D<